Linda Miller Stars in Upcoming Documentary, ‘The Legend of King Kong’

Exciting news! King Kong Escapes star legend Linda Miller is on the list of interviewees in the upcoming new documentary film series The Legend of King Kong

The docuseries is directed by Tom Grove and is a unique labor of love according to the director:

Hello everyone! I’m Tom Grove, the Director and Editor of The Legend of King Kong. I started this journey back in February 2021, and I’m so close to finishing up and showing off this wonderful documentary series. When the idea of creating a King Kong documentary began, it was a short but sweet 70-minute student film that would consist of mainly voiced-over narration.

But a year later, it has grown into something more distinct and impressive! The Legend of King Kong now has a runtime of nearly 300 minutes. To be easily consumed, this documentary has been cut into 4 separate episodes.

  1. Kong the eighth wonder of the world!
  2. The evolution of a king 
  3. Let them fight!
  4. The transformation of Kong

There is an Indiegogo page set up to help the film gain exposure by having a theatric screening in the UK. You can read more about the event HERE.

Check out the trailer below:

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