New Film Announced From Makers of ‘The Great Buddha Arrival’: ‘Ghost Cat Rhapsody’

A new film has been announced from director Hiroto Yokokawa and the other makers of The Great Buddha Arrival called Ghost Cat Rhapsody. The cast so far includes Takeshi Tsuruno (Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga TV mini-series), Daisuke Ban (Go for Broke), Mai Saito (Kamen Rider 555), Mako Principal, Yukari Taki (Ultraman Ginga), Akira Ohashi (Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion), Yoshinori Tanaka (Death Forest), Yumiko Tanaka (The Return of Godzilla), and Masanori Kikuzawa (A Crimson Star).


Ghost Cat Rhapsody is a fresh take on the classic legend of the ghost cat. The popular horror tale was once popular with Japanese studios, who released dozens of movies such as The Ghost Cat And The Mysterious Shamisen (1938), Ghost Cat Of Nabeshime (1949), The Ghost Cat Of Ouma Crossing (1954), Black Cat Mansion (1958) and The Ghost Cat Of Otama Pond (1960). As with their previous projects, 3Y Film is looking to revive a long-lost tokusatsu genre for the modern age.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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