Kohl Glass’s ‘Babysitter Must Die’ (2020) A Fun, Silly Romp – Movie Review

When being cast in a horror movie, the one job I’m never going to sign up for is the babysitter! Yet somehow the plucky Josie (Riley Scott: Sneaky Pete TV series) has chosen this over a Christmas party in Kohl Glass’s new horror film, Babysitter Must Die. She’s dedicated to kids, especially to Sophia (Scarlett Hazen: Scarlett), the daughter of Jen (Kristen Marie Jensen: Love at First Glance) and wealthy record producer Rick (Robert Scott Smith: Wildlife). But just as she and the kids start an innocent game of Hide ‘n Seek, cultists burst in. What’s a babysitter to do? Save the world, of course!


Josie Jane, the young babysitter for a wealthy family, just found the perfect hiding spot for a game of hide-and-seek with the child in her care. Seconds later, the family’s home is invaded by a pack of brutal cultists, hunting down an apocalyptic secret hidden within its walls.

Most of what Babysitter Must Die has to offer is pretty good fun. The practical gore effects are great, and the film keeps the tension—and fun—going throughout the entire runtime. The cast is solid, although some of the cinematography is bordering on the murky side. Hey, I’m getting older, and I’m not a fan of squinting to see what’s going on. My other major criticism would be that I never found the cultists scary or particularly interesting. The male thug was menacing at times, but not enough to capture my interest. That aside, I absolutely love Riley Scott as Josie. However, I will have to take away her First Aid merit badge as you must NEVER remove a penetrating object from a wound. That’s just First Aid 101. Scott makes this film 100% worth the watch. I’m hoping to see her in more films in the future!

In an otherwise fun production and despite Josie’s merit badge loss, Babysitter Must Die is a fun, low-budget, film about a heroine who saves the world romp that will please many viewers.

Babysitter Must Die is available to stream on most digital platforms and ON Demand via Blue Fox entertainment.

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