Ava Preston

Interview with Ava Preston, Star of Creepy New Supernatural Horror ‘Queen of Spades’

Ava Preston is a young and incredibly talented actress and I recently got to chat with her for the new supernatural horror, Queen of Spades. She stars in this film and delivers a wicked performance! Learn about she got involved in filmmaking, her favorite actor, details about her character, what it was like on set and more!

Ava Preston

PopHorror – Hi, Ava. How are you doing? Having a good 2021 so far?

Ava Preston – So far 2021 is shaping up to be a tad more fun than 2020. My family and I are all fully vaxxed so we look forward to some renewed normalcy for 2021!! Kicking Covid to the curb!

PopHorror – Hell yes! You’ve been acting since around 2010, what inspired you to become an actress?

Ava Preston – My grandparents were both in the “business” so I guess it skipped a generation and targeted me. I was always an outgoing child and my Mom said she could tell from an early age that I was born for it. Maybe that’s just another word for being annoying!

PopHorror – Haha. You definitely seem born for it! You’ve done a lot of TV series and movies, do you prefer one over the other?

Ava Preston – I love doing both but if I had to choose I guess it would be movies. There is shared energy on set that brings the cast and crew together in a way that mimics a close family. We all want the same end goal, to create something of lasting value and substance.

Ava Preston

PopHorror – That makes sense! You star in the new film Queen of Spades, can you tell us your character, Anna?

Ava Preston – Anna is a strange little kid. She is on the precipice of adulthood yet is still a young child in many ways. Her relationship with her mother is moody yet she desperately needs her comfort and reassurance as well. Anna is smart and as a child of a single working mother has learned to adapt to her surroundings. Her relationship with her older friends is one of necessity and as she navigates that precarious time she is really existing between two worlds. She is that young terrified child but also brave in her convictions. Her sullenness is a mask for a churning moral battle that exists just below the surface. It was a joy to try and understand Anna and work my own personality and experiences into her creation.

PopHorror – Could you relate to her at all?

Ava Preston – Anna is far braver than me. She is a product of her environment and as a result, has seen a darker side of things. I’ve been blessed to live a pretty privileged life and haven’t seen the hardships Anna has witnessed. She comes out the other side though and I believe it is a testament to her strength of character that she ultimately survives the dark forces. I can relate to Anna because we are of a similar age and both navigating through the coming-of-age moments in life.

PopHorror – That’s cool. You played her perfectly. Any favorite scenes or ones that are memorable?

Ava Preston – I just loved the cast and crew on QOS! We all stayed in touch and continue to follow each other’s progress in life. Patrick White (read our interview with him – HERE) was an incredible director. He took his time to explain the characters and also allowed you to have your own vision and direction. I was blessed to be part of such a talented cast as well. Daniel Kash is one of Canada’s best and it was a privilege to watch him work. Kaelen Ohm who played my mother was also a complete joy. She is a bright talent and taught me so much through her expertise and skill. The other teenagers, Jamie Bloch, Eric Osborne, and Nabil Rajo were so fun to be around and because some of them they were on Degrassi I was a big fan already. Even though they were a little older than me, they all were so gracious and kind and really took me under their wing. We had a ton of fun together.

Ava Preston

PopHorror – I’m so glad you had a great experience. I love Degrassi too! Would you do more horror films in the future?

Ava Preston – I’ve done a few horror films already so I guess you could say I’m a mini scream queen already. I’m the biggest scary cat there is but I love the fun of being on a horror set. It’s not scary at all and the set is always full of fun and tons of laughs. I love all genres of films and have been lucky enough to have experienced a few of them. SO far horror is one of my favs for sure!

PopHorror – Mini scream queen, I love it. Any other types of roles you would like to do in the future that you haven’t done yet?

Ava Preston – I would love to do a comedy. I’ve had a few comedic scenes in films but I’d love to really sink my teeth into that genre. It’s all about timing with comedy and I find that fascinating.

PopHorror – So very true! Is there anyone you would love to work with?

Ava Preston – My absolute favourite actor of all time is Tom Hanks. I think he is a complete genius in everything he does. When an actor can make you laugh and cry almost in the same breath I find that truly awe-inspiring. It’s my goal to work with him one day.

PopHorror – I hope that dream comes true! Any other upcoming projects?

Ava Preston – It’s been pretty slow in the industry because of Covid but productions are really gearing up again and auditions are starting to pour in. I was lucky enough to be involved in two large advertising campaigns over lockdown for the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto as well as an ecobee campaign in the States. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into some upcoming films and productions. It’s time to get rolling as they say!

PopHorror – I look forward to all you do. Thanks for chatting with me! For all those reading, Queen of Spades is now available On Demand and will release via Blu-ray on June 29! Be sure to check it out!

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