Corey Rutter of ‘She Was So Pretty 2: Be Good For Goodness Sake’ Interview

One upcoming film I have absolutely no shame in promoting whatsoever is Brooklyn Ewing’s sequel to She Was So Pretty, called She Was So Pretty 2: Be Good For Goodness Sake! I’m so pumped for this movie and I can not express that enough. You can probably get an idea by how much I loved the first! That’s why I was so excited to get to chat with one of the main stars of the film, Corey Rutter, who plays Detective Baldwin. Check out our interview here and learn all about this upcoming indie star!

PopHorror: Hey, Corey! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

Corey Rutter: I’m excited! Thank you!

PopHorror: How did you get into the film industry?

Corey Rutter:  I’d say by chance, actually. You see, Jerry Larew and I used to be in a metal band together back in the day. After the band broke up, we sort of went our separate ways, but we both ended up acting somehow. I was dragged into a theater audition by an ex-girlfriend, and I honestly expected to hate it, but it turned out I was actually pretty decent at it and landed a role at my first audition. So I took part in a handful of plays at the local theater, even landed lead roles in Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead: The Musical, then got hired on to an entertainment company where I began getting paid for doing murder mysteries and the only other piece of film that I’ve been in before this movie, which was a music video where I played Bigfoot. This was all in the span of a few years.

Meanwhile, I saw that Jerry had a film release that was doing pretty well. I thought that was pretty cool. What were the odds we would both get in to acting, right? When I saw they were filming the sequel, I thought it’d be nice to work together again, so I got ahold of Jerry and came into the auditions, where I met Brooklyn Ewing. She told me when we were finished that “unless Ryan Gosling walks in, you got the part.” I’m glad Ryan stayed away from this one.

PopHorror: (laughs) I love theater and those plays! How did you prepare for role as Detective Baldwin in She Was So Pretty: Be Good for Goodness Sake?

Corey Rutter: Lots and lots of reading the script. Over and over and over again. I spent quite a few nights with my girlfriend and roommates probably thinking I was actually insane while I walked around the house running lines. When it came time to film the scenes, I also required a LOT of caffeine. Baldwin is usually pretty high energy, and some of those shoots went long into the early morning, so the biggest challenge once I got there was keeping the same amount of energy for 12 to 14 hours.

PopHorror: Do you have any fun, behind-the-scenes stories from filming for She Was So Pretty: Be Good for Goodness Sake?

Corey Rutter: Oh boy, do I! Now, let me preface this by saying that our camera man, Joe, is an absolute professional and a great guy to work with, and I have no problems with him, but he did hit me with a drone and I won’t let him live that down. You don’t know fear until an expensive drone is hovering directly behind your head for 20 minutes or so. Luckily, it only hit my arm and nothing was broken. It was just windy that day. We also got kicked out of a filming location one night, turned out our perfect little gravel road was actually some guy’s driveway, so we ended up having to change locations part way into the shoot.

PopHorror: (laughs) I wouldn’t want to be hit with a drone, either! What are you most excited for the fans to see in this film?

Corey Rutter: I’m not sure exactly how much I’m allowed to talk about at this point, so I’ll be vague. Now, of course I’m excited for people to see my scenes, being my first time on screen and whatnot, and I simply hope people enjoy my work. There are also some beautiful scenes between Alfie and his new love interest, which I personally think are some of the most beautiful shots in the film, but they still manage to get you to cringe. I can’t wait for people to see the amount of hard work we’ve put into this film. It’s going to make people squirm.

Jerry Larew and Corey Rutter on the set

PopHorror: I know I am certainly excited for it! What other upcoming projects do you have?

Corey Rutter Unfortunately, I have no other upcoming projects at this time. Just keeping my nose to the grindstone trying to make enough money to provide. I wish I could find enough paying work for acting that it would pay the bills and the rent. Maybe someday.

PopHorror: Well, I will be on the look out for you! What are your favorite horror movies: main stream and indie?

Corey Rutter: My favorite horror movie of all time is The Thing. Call me weird, but that’s my favorite, and I love it. When it comes to indie horror, I feel kind of ashamed, because until I started talking to Brooklyn and Jerry about it a lot, I was painfully unaware of the many films currently in the indie film circuit. I haven’t seen a whole lot of them yet, but I’m trying. Of the ones I have seen I like The Barn as far as movies go and Night of the Slasher was a killer short.

PopHorror: I loved The Barn! What director or celebrity would you like to work with someday?

Corey Rutter: I’d love to work with Tarantino one day, but like, who wouldn’t? I’m also a big fan of Edgar Wright. I suppose if I had to pick a celebrity to act with, it would probably be Natalie Dormer, because of course I’d want to work with Natalie Dormer.

PopHorror: Awesome choices! What advice do you have for other actors wanting to get into being apart of a film?

Corey Rutter: Just audition! I didn’t have any previous film work or a college degree in acting. I just put myself out there. Biggest thing I can say is don’t be afraid to give it a shot and the best thing you can do for yourself in an audition is believe in yourself and be confident.

Thanks again, Corey! Stay tuned to PopHorror for news on She Was So Pretty 2: Be Good For Goodness Sake. You can expect a teaser trailer very soon, from what I hear!

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