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Finally! New Horror Game, ‘Infliction,’ Review

I had the chance to review the new video game, Infliction, which locks you into a horrifying suburban dreamscape. Created by indie developer Caustic Reality, this game has certainly impressed, and just in time for Halloween and was great to experience just before the scary season. After playing, be prepared to be …

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Scary as Hell ‘Layers of Fear’ Released in Bloober Team Bundle

Layers of Fear

Happy October, everyone! With this, the spookiest of months, gamers appreciate scary games just a little bit more than usual. While some of the most popular are the A-listers like Resident Evil, The Evil Within, Amnesia and Outlast, there are indie games that are far more terrifying. The development team …

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‘Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate’ – Gaming Review

Is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate just another port or has it actually surpassed the port stage of gaming? A real monster hunter game with the difficulty that only the east gets, this one sure has made an impression. The game play, visuals, and music were great, and now, it’s gotten even better. …

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‘Shadows: Awakening’ Video Game Review

Shadows: Awakening is the most recent action RPG dungeon-crawler from Games Farm and Kalypso Media, and it was released on August 31st, 2018. I’ve always had a soft spot for action RPGs like Shadows: Awakening. There’s just something about diving into another dungeon to see what type of loot I’ll get …

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‘Dead Cells’ (2017) PS4 Review

The success of 2D action/platformers of the eighties and nineties has inspired a lot of great games in the past decade or so. But none of them hits that perfect level of nostalgia and gameplay quite like Motion Twin’s Dead Cells. Check out the trailer to get a sense of …

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Video Game Review: Big Bad Wolf’s ‘The Council’

The Council

Have you ever seen a game multiple times and keep passing it by because you assume it’s not your style? Then, one day, you give it a chance, and it turns out to be amazing? And you sit there, wondering why you didn’t play it sooner? That’s the exact experience …

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Get Claustrophobic with Survival Horror Game, ‘Narcosis’


Most games are so fast paced today. It seems like we almost need constant action to keep us engaged. But I like to argue that action isn’t all that matters. Sometimes, the story and psychological aspect of a game can take front and center and create a terrifying experience for …

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