Alberto Cavallone’s ‘Master of the World’ (1983): Vinegar Syndrome’s 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray Release

It’s time once again to enter the strange world that is Vinegar Syndrome. A new Vinegar Syndrome release always fills me with a nervous curiosity. I’m always wondering what awaits me once I click Play. Whether it’s really bad or really great, when a film is released by VS, you know it’s going to be weird. Alberto Cavallone’s Master of the World is no different. In fact, the film is one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen. If you’re into strange and unconventional movies, then check out Master of the World.

Master of the World is directed, written, and edited by Alberto Cavallone (Blow Job 1980). The film stars Sven Kruger (Body Count 1986), Sasha D’Arc (Loggerheads 1978), Viviana Maria Rispoli, Maria Vittoria Garlanda, Aldo Sambrell (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 1966), Serafino Profumo (SS Experiment Love Camp 1976), Fabio Baciocchi, Paolo Bernacchioni, Tristano Lannetta, Adriano Chiaramida (ZeroZeroZero 2020), and Daniela Airoldi (The Voice of the Moon 1990). The soundtrack was composed by Alberto Baldan Bembo (My Mother’s Friend 1975). Alberto Blasi (The Profession of Arms 2001), Alfonso Cioffi (Christmas Present 1986), and Mario Scutti (Dune 1984) provided the special effects.


Master of the World is a thrilling and explosive story of violence, human drama, and a rare man, strong and primitive. Set two hundred thousand years ago when the human race had to adapt to their brutal, savage environment or disappear into oblivion.

What I like

Within the first twenty minutes of the film, I began to notice something strange. This might be the first movie I’ve ever seen where there is no dialogue between characters. Since Master of the World takes place in prehistoric times, the only thing you hear from the characters are growls, grunts, and a lot of head shaking. Weirdly enough, the lack of dialogue doesn’t lessen the film. I believe it enhances the movie. It’s a unique viewing experience.

With no dialogue, you have to follow everything the characters are doing. You have to pay attention to every movement they make and the emotions they are displaying. Since there is no dialogue, I thought Master of the World was going to be a hard one to sit through, but I was wrong. The overall story is simple, which makes the film easy to follow.

Another great facet are the special effects. The effects team did a great job… they even made me turn away from the television screen a few times. Whenever the tribe kills someone from the opposing tribe, they do what any normal person would do. They cut open the dead tribesmen’s head and eat their brains. Sound disgusting? Wait until you see the movie yourself. It makes me want to vomit even now. Great stuff!

I thought for how low-budget Master of the World is that it might not be the best looking movie. Alberto Cavallone did a solid job as director and screenwriter. I imagine writing a film with no dialogue had to be challenging.

What I love most about this film is a scene where a group of bears attack the tribe, which becomes the most hilarious scene in the entire running time. When the bears see the tribesmembers, they start growling at them, except the viewer doesn’t hear real bear noises. What they hear is Chewbacca from Star Wars! Yes, Alberto Cavallone just ripped off Star Wars and inserted Chewbacca’s famous growl. You have to hear it to believe it!

What I Don’t Like

I will be honest, the weaknesses of this film are skim. Unfortunately, the female characters are treated badly, and there are scenes that are hard to watch.

Because there is no dialogue, I was confused about the overall plot. In a weird way though, the viewer doesn’t need to understand everything that is going on. While being engaged visually with the movie, understanding the plot isn’t necessary. I was along for the ride, and what a weird but enjoyable ride it was.

If you’re looking for something strange, weird, and bizarre with gruesome special effects, then you will want to check out Master of the World. You will never see another film quite like this one.

Additional info for this 4k UHD release:

  • Newly scanned & restored in 4K from its 35mm original camera negative
  • “Quest for Survival” -an interview with assistant director Stefano Pomilla
  • “200,000 Years Ago -an interview with Davide Pulici, biographer of writer/director Alberto Cavallone

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