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‘VIOLENT MINDS: KILLERS ON TAPE’ Brings New Insights – Review and Interview

Violent Minds : Killers On Tape

Exploring the Dark Recesses of the Criminal Mind This is a story about how we need to understand how normal-seeming people can become absolute monsters. – Dr. Al Carlisle Violent and horrific crimes are definitely nothing new. It’s my belief that people start off inherently good and that many are …

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A Psychopath Is Born… Guest Article By ‘Demon Dagger’ Author Russell James

I find psychopaths fascinating, and I am not alone in this. Their allure may stem from how psychopath’s actions are the opposite of what we see as self-evident societal norms. Psychopaths lack empathy, are deceitful, callous, and remorseless after they commit acts that hurt others. Like seeing a video of …

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‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’ (1986) Is Masterfully Unrelentingly Bleak – Retro Review

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Even if Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer isn’t the absolute scariest movie ever, it’s certainly one of the bleakest. Because of that, director John McNaughton didn’t have the easiest time getting it released. Its original X-rating was partly due to its violence, of course, but the film very often …

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Filmmaker Sam Mason Brings A Little Bloody ‘Normal Terror’ (2020) Into Our Lives

One of the great things about independent horror is that there is never any shortage of incredible ideas. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sometimes, there is such a ridiculous abundance of brilliant projects out there, it’s tough to keep track of them all. The intrepid team at PopHorror never like …

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Find Yourself With Staten Cousins Roe’s ‘A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life’ – Movie Review

I’ve always found something darkly narcissistic about the culture of self-help, manifesting, and life-coaching. All of this constant exploration of self, self, self has to affect how you see other people, and taking to heart what the universe owes you sounds like a God Complex. It’s these dark instincts that …

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A Look At ‘Terror Tales’ (2016): A Wide Range of Horror Homage

I first heard about the horror anthology Terror Tales when I interviewed Laurene Landon when she mentioned upcoming projects (read that interview here). Other than likely including several stand alone stories of horror – after all, that is what makes an anthology – I had no idea what to expect …

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Interview with Director Duncan Skiles for ‘The Clovehitch Killer’

The Clovehitch Killer

With The Clovehitch Killer having its release today in select theaters across the United States, along with being available on various streaming platforms, Abigail had the chance to sit down with director Duncan Skiles and discuss the movie in-depth and talk about how this haunting thriller came to be. PH: …

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Serial Killer Film, ‘Inhumanity,’ Is A Ton Of Fun

In director Joe McReynold’s (The Vern: A One Hit Wonder Story) new serial killer movie Inhumanity, a young woman named Jessa (Darcel Danielle: Waco) fights for her life against killer Six Pack Sam, played by debut actor Leviticus Wolfe. As the film opens, Jessa is brutally attacked and put into a …

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Trailer and Release Date for the Upcoming Crime Thriller ‘Hangman’

If you love fun thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat, you’ll definitely want to check out the upcoming film Hangman! Trailer, details, and release date down below! Hangman is directed by Johnny Martin along with a screenplay written by Michael Caissie, Charlies Hutting, and Phil Hawkins. …

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Manhunter (1986) Retro Movie Review

On August 15, 1986, director Michael Mann debuted his heavily stylized adaptation of Thomas Harris’s bestselling novel, Red Dragon, as a movie called Manhunter. The film also featured our first glimpse of one of the most infamous characters in movie history: Hannibal Lector. Manhunter stars William Petersen as FBI agent …

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