10 Most Memorable Father Moments In Horror Films!

Horrible mothers seem to be the most influential and memorable in the genre. But, let’s not forget the most memorable fathers in horror! In celebration of Father’s Day, PopHorror is taking a look back at the most memorable moments in horror film history where a father goes out of the way to either help or hurt their own children. 

Stillo Crew Massacre – The Last House On The Left

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After losing his daughter to a group of psychopaths, John Collingwood (Richard Towers) and his wife avenge her death and exact revenge on Krug Stillo and his crew. After setting up elaborate traps, John eventually finds himself losing a fight with Krug. Krug is suddenly distracted by his son and John has enough time to run to the basement and grab his chainsaw. Krug’s attempt to escape is foiled by another trap and John gets his revenge by tearing Krug apart! Revenge is a dish best served cold, and John serves that justice for his daughter very cold and very brutal!

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