‘The Mist’ Recap of Episode 3 “Show and Tell” and Episode 4 “Pequod”

Well, it’s that time again for us to dive in and recap Stephen King’s The Mist. I am combining episode 3 and 4 for this recap/review as not much really happened episode 3. I hate to say it but watching episode 3 was like waiting for paint to dry. Episode 4 was somewhat better and finally building up the action, however, there are none of the original monsters from the novella by King.

“Show and Tell”

Official Synopsis for Episode 3:

Things at the mall get tense when people want to establish rules. At the church, Natalie’s faith is tested in terrifying ways.

So prior to episode 3, Clint’s army buddies killed themselves. Gus brings this to the groups’ attention and intends to question anyone who has dog tags. It is my belief that this is going to lead to Project Arrowhead but nothing has been mentioned about it yet. The gamers put the bodies outside to see if they can get any bites (more is revealed in episode 4). Gus again tries to insert his authority by making rules, however, Eve has different plans. Eve, her daughter, and some other mall people split into their own faction. Eve doesn’t want her daughter around her supposed rapist which just keeps getting more confusing when it’s brought up.

Meanwhile, at the church, Father Romanov tries to keep everybody from losing faith. Kevin finally punches Officer Connor (in all fairness he had it coming). Officer Connor throws Kevin downstairs with other prisoners Mia and Bryan thus screwing up their plans to escape to get to the mall. Adrian goes to Father Romanov to be forgiven however it is just a ploy to get the keys to getting the prisoners out of the basement to escape. Then comes the only interesting part of the episode. Natalie goes out in the mist to die but moth guy (no name given) follows her to save her. A moth flies into the guy’s ear which transforms him into a moth before killing him. The group gets Natalie back inside and now she has a new purpose to live: a god (nature or the mist). It seems like there is going to be some cult formed in the church.


Official Synopsis for Episode 4:

Kevin and the others try getting away from the church and meet someone on the road. At the mall, a new rule is broken; punishment must be handed down.

At the church, Kevin, Adrian, and the other prisoners escape and make it to another location where they meet Clay, the only guy who has a working vehicle. He’s trying to find his son; the bad thing is the group saw his son who was pretty much dead. I wonder how long it will be until we have all the plots together. I’m thinking that time will come at the last episodes; it seems like everything is being drawn out. Much like watching paint dry. Father Romanov tries to help Natalie get rid of her delusions. This blows up in his face as officer douche-bag joins her crazy cult. Hopefully, there is going to be some kind of sacrifice or talk of sacrifice like in the novella.

At the mall, the gamer dudes have taken the dead bodies and put them out for any monster to eat. Gus finds out and the two have to bring back the dead bodies. While bringing the bodies back, one gamer dude goes out in the mist and is killed. No scene of the death just a bloody line that is pulled back. The mist gets into the building and gets to the bookstore with Alex and the little girl Kimi in it. The monster in the mist is just a big black shadow and the little girl Kimi is killed by the black shadow man. Alex faces the black shadow creature but it doesn’t do anything to her. At the end, the grieving mom joins the other group.

I think that the show needs to get everyone in one place and fast. We were at two locations but now it is three locations. Plus, I am tired of the teen drama. Can we get some monsters? Preferably, some of the monsters described in the novella The Mist by Stephen King. The Mist is on Thursdays at 9 PM CST/ 10 PM EST.


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