The Collection (2012) Review

Welcome back, horror fans, for the review for The Collection! The 2012 film The Collection is the sequel to the 2009 film The Collector. This one is about a man who escapes from the vicious grip of the serial killer known as “The Collector” is then forced to help rescue an innocent girl from the killer’s booby-trapped lair. *Warning Spoilers Ahead!*


The last time we saw The Collector, he was taking Arkin to be a part of his sadistic collection. The Collection starts with action right away. There are flashes of news clips and articles on Arkin’s (Josh Stewart: The Collector 2009) disappearance. I believe that this was a smart decision on the writer’s part because it had been a while since the first movie. It’s also a way for the filmmakers to catch the audience up without taking away from the story. After we see the articles, Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick: The Social Network 2010) is attending a secret party with her friends where she sees her boyfriend kissing another girl. She runs away and enters a room with a trunk that holds none other than Arkin. The Collector ends up killing everyone at the party in a gruesome way and keeping Elena as part of his collection. Meanwhile, Arkin is able to escape.


The acting is, once again, amazing. Josh Stewart is so brilliant at showing his character’s emotions, from panic and desperation, to fear and revenge. Randall Archer, who plays the Collector, is brilliant with his body language.


Once again, we never see The Collector’s face – not even at the end – but I believe it’s for the best because the audience can make up in their own minds what they think The Collector looks like. The ending of The Collection was great. Director Marcus Dunstan (The Collector 2009) left it so one of two things could happen. One is that the viewer can decide what happened next. The second is that the writers could make a third installment. I feel like that would be a mistake because the more films they make in a series, the worse it gets. Look at Saw and Wrong Turn. They were good but then it got out of hand. I believe the writers ended The Collection in a smart way and we at PopHorror think you should check it out.

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