‘The Mist’ Episode 2 “Withdrawal” Recap

It’s that time again where we dive into Spike’s new series The Mist with episode 2, “Withdrawal.” Last week, we left off with Eve and Alex Copeland stuck in the mall. Kevin, Adrian, Mia and Bryan were stuck in the jail while Natalie was stuck at the church. This week’s episode started slow but it ramped up at the end. Hopefully that won’t be a recurring theme throughout the series. This week, the mist has engulfed the town and now the citizens have to figure out how to survive and stay away from it.

“Withdrawal” started slow; there was one big jump in the beginning when Chief Connor’s squad car got hit by a moose. Seriously, the chief is kind of a douchebag – he needs to go soon. He basically left everyone at the police station to die. He made it to the church and, of course, had to take that over.

The jail people decided to make a break for it. Bryan found Mia in the evidence locker; she was pilfering the evidence for drugs. Apparently, Mia is a junkie, which is not too helpful in their situation. The four ultimately made it out of the prison but they made it to the mall instead the church.

At the mall, the mall manger, Gus, had all the doors locked so nothing could get in, while Eve, Alex and another woman went to lock one of the entrances they found the admin office. Unfortunately, there was a security guard that was dead inside with a lovely, blood smeared handprint. Then they report to the others that there is a radio but it’s in the admin office. Of course, no one wanted to go use the radio, so Gus did a lottery for the person to go. Eve’s name was drawn.

Mall manager Gus Bradley (center, Isiah Washington Jr) tries to keep order when an eerie mist rolls in trapping them in the mall in Spike TV's THE MIST, from a story by Stephen King. Episode 2 of THE MIST airs Thursday, June 29 at 10 PM, ET/PT.

Eve prepared to go to the office and made sure Alex was taken care of. Clint, an unknown character, volunteered to go with Eve. This seems very, very shady if you ask me, seeing as how no one wanted to go in there. When Eve and Clint got to the radio and got it working, Clint started radioing to a military base or something. It got Eve in a panic when she saw he had a gun on her. The two struggle and Eve ended up killing Clint. Maybe him dying was a good thing; he might have already been infected by the mist or had a hand in the coming of it.

The prison group made it to the church. There were some heated confrontations between Kevin and Chief Connor, but no punches were thrown. There were moments when Kevin was going to hit and didn’t. Man, I would have. That guy has it coming to him. The remaining church group ended up breaking out the wine and saying a toast to Natalie’s husband. The church scene where Natalie told the group about her husband was touching. Frances Conroy is my favorite character but seems like she is going to go mad in the mist.

Fr. Romanov (r - Dan Butler) consoles Nathalie Raven (l - Frances Conroy) as she seeks shelter in the church when an eerie mist rolls into their small Maine town on Spike TV's THE MIST, from a story by Stephen King. Episode 2 of THE MIST airs on Thursday, June 29 at 10 PM, ET/PT.

Not much else happened in “Withdrawal”. There were some good scenes that were well written. We are left with more questions than answers. I expected more out of episode 2, but the teaser for episode 3 might get the series going… or at least, I hope it does. Let us know what you thought about “Withdrawal” in the comments below.


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