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The 8 Best Ninja Sex Party Songs Ever

Hey, music lovers! I’m here to talk about a genre of music that I think is under appreciated, and that’s musical comedy. Sure, there are some big names out there like Weird Al and They Might Be Giants, but there is another band that deserves some appreciation and notice, and that’s a comedy duo called Ninja Sex Party. I have been listening to NSP since 2015 and, much like a fine wine, they have only been getting better with age. Their first few albums were great, but since the release of Under the Covers Volume I, their talent has been shooting for the moon.

The moment they did a live performance on Conan, I was as proud as a mama bird. Do I know them personally? Not in the slightest, but as a Game Grumps fan, I have heard Danny Avidan (aka Danny Sexbang) talk of his mental health struggles, and the work it took to get Ninja Sex Party where it is, along with his bandmate, Brian Wecht (aka Ninja Brian). Brian has also talked of the sacrifice he made for NSP in a recent IG post. It doesn’t hurt that the music is awesome on top of it all. Let’s take a look at eight of their best songs of all time!

8. “Heart Boner”

I love a good romantic song. If you’re like me and have a hard time getting your true feelings into words for the one you love, you can use this song to place your heart firmly on your sleeve. With Oscar Wilde workplay like this, it’s sure to work:

“I’ve got a heart boner for you
I stand before you stiff and true
I wanna blast a load of feelings onto you
This heart boner’s for you.”

Now, that’s what I call romantic.

7. “Orgy for One”

Just because no one shows up doesn’t mean you can’t have a great night. This is classic Ninja Sex Party. Danny Sexbang thinks that he’s a ladies man, but for some reason, he just never can quite get there. He invites all of these gorgeous ladies to his orgy, only to have none of them show for various reasons. But, that won’t stop him from having an orgy for one. This song is super singable, very danceable and just a lot of fun. Here’s to your own orgy for one.

6. “Courtship of the Mermaid”

If terrible flirting had a baby with a RenFest, it would be this song. It is another example of Danny Sexbang’s inability to get the girl, and this time, she’s a beautiful mermaid. When he and Ninja Brian come upon a golden pond, he falls in love with the mermaid who lives there. The only way he can think of how to express his love is to throw copious amounts of pizza at her like “some pizza-ass doves.” This is how I courted my husband, ironically.

5. “Rocket Man”

Not only does Ninja Sex Party do comedy insanely well, but their classic rock covers are sometimes better than the originals. Yeah, I said it and I mean it. Here, we have an acoustic cover of Elton John’s Rocket Man. It isn’t in their usual overly silly style, but it’s gentle and they did a great job with the song. Not only did they cover it, but they also added their own flavor and style.

4. “Africa”

Speaking of great covers, here is another one. Africa by Toto is one of the most perfect songs that ever existed, and I dare you to try and change my mind… you can’t! The only way to make it better is with the buttery smooth vocals by Danny. Ninja Sex Party have a ton more covers that are just as amazing.

3. “The Last Unicorn”

Like this one! This cover of The Last Unicorn was to raise money for the creator who had been cheated our of his rights for the story and the money earned from the property. This is easily the best version and one of the best songs that Ninja Sex Party as ever recorded. It does The Last Unicorn justice, and it was all for a really righteous cause. Hopefully, this cover brought the attention it needed to the creator of the story.

2. “6969”

This is Ninja Sex Party’s most epic video ever. It’s nine minutes long and worth every second of it. Danny and Ninja Brian travel to 6969 and find that the Council of Dick Elders has banned sex. They decide to fight the powers that be, find a hot girl to bring down the Council and make life worth living again. This song is a lot of fun and catchy as hell.

1. “Danny Don’t You Know”

Not only is this the best song by Ninja Sex Party, but it is also one of the best songs that I’ve ever heard. It is Danny talking to his young self (played in the video by Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard). He is goes back in time to tell young Danny that he is more bad ass than he gives himself credit for, and that eventually, all of his dreams will come true and he will find true friendship. It is a beautiful song for all the nerds out there and people who feel alone, a reminder that “we’re all rad as fuck on the inside.”

This list is by no means the only good songs that Ninja Sex Party have recorded, and I have to tell you that it was super difficult narrowing them down. Some honorable mentions are “Cool Patrol,” “Self Care Sunday,” “Eating in the Shower” and more. This band is not only a ton of fun, but it also consists of two of the most deserving guys in the industry. If you like Ninja Sex Party, you can shop their merch on their website. Give their stuff a listen, because I think you’re really going to like it. And if you don’t, don’t make me go all Cool Patrol on your ass.

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