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PopHorror Writers: VHS Cover Artwork That Scarred Our Souls

Many of us grew up going to video stores and picking out a brand new horror movie to watch and add to our personal watch list. But without trailers or ads, we had no idea what a movie was about. The only clue we had was the VHS cover art. …

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Blue Underground Announces ‘Zombie’ 40th Anniversary Blu-ray


If you’re a genre fan and you’re not familiar with Blue Underground, you need to look them up! They are an entertainment company dedicated to guilty pleasures for adventurous movie lovers. Their goal is to bring cool movies to fans all over the world in beautiful, Criterion-level special editions. Their …

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Musician IslandRocks is Re-visioning the Retro Movie Theme!

I’ve been watching horror cinema faithfully since High School in the early nineties. When I discovered Italian cinema, my mind was blown, especially Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Ruggero Deodato and Dario Argento. In the early wave before a lot of these films even got good VHS treatment from companies like …

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7 Craziest Zombie Kills!

Anytime the living dead are shuffling about you can guarantee some poor souls are gonna get turned into a living buffet, only to return and make others a living buffet. And while zombies seem content to just bite and chew on their victims, there are times when their feeble zombie …

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