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Horror’s Top 25+ Most Memorable Final Guys

A lot has been said about horror’s Final Girls, but can we talk about a chunk of hunks who have managed to make it to the credit roll? In no particular order, here are 25—give or take—of horror’s most memorable Final Guys. 1. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) SURVIVED: The Evil Dead …

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How Much Do You Know About ‘Wolf Creek’ (2005)?

Wolf Creek turns 15 on December 25, 2020… because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like some crazy guy trying to kill you in the outback of Australia. Wolf Creek follows backpacking friends Liz (Cassandra Magrath: Shock Jock 2002, Blue Heelers 2002). Kristy (Kestie Morassi: Wilfred 2010, Darkness Falls 2003), and Ben …

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Shudder Unveils May, 2020 Programming Lineup


Holy crap, it’s May! We blinked and another month went by. A new month means an all new programming lineup on Shudder. As usual, horror’s premiere streaming service has a loaded slate of films, series, and other great horror content for you. Read on for all the details! From The …

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April is ‘Halfway to Halloween Month’ on Shudder

Shudder - Halfway To Halloween

April is here, and Shudder has a loaded slate of films, series, and other great horror content for you! April is “Halfway to Halloween” month, you see. Are you ready for a a boatload of awesome streaming horror? Read on for all the details! From The Shudder Press Release April …

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Wolf Creek (2005) – Retro Review

Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek has become a horror legend, topping lists as one of the most ruthless villains to date. With his humorously dark commentary a la Freddy Krueger and his total nonchalantness when it comes to slaughtering folks like Michael Myers, Taylor truly is a one-of-a-kind, comical yet absolutely evil …

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Ozsploitation: Top 10 Australian Horror Movies

Wolf Creek is the latest horror film franchise getting a TV series treatment; the exemplar of “Ozsploitation” will be premier this Thursday, May 12th as a 6-part series on the Australian streaming service Stan. Like the films Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2, director Greg McLean is helming the series, …

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10 Awesome Backwoods Horror Films

Backwoods horror films are easily some of the most terrifying types of movies. Unlike supernatural films or creature features, the stories are based in reality and often inspired from true crime stories and serial killers. At the same time, the topic can easily spawn dark comedy as they feature hillbillies and …

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