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‘Camp Blood’ Boxed Set Launches With ‘Camp Blood 8’

David Sterling’s Camp Blood films are horror staples. The killer clown slasher flicks have been terrorizing campers for nearly 20 years. The entire collection is for sale now, both individually and as part of an all new, limited edition boxed set. The boxed set includes the latest installment: Camp Blood …

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Fearhouse360 Launches Immersive Horror Video Experience


FEARHOUSE360 is a new horror experience in 360 video that brings the haunted house to you. If you want to feel surrounded by terror this Halloween, this will be right up your alley! Bonus: if you’ve got some VR glasses laying around collecting dust, this is an excellent way to …

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‘The Zombie Army’ Is Now Available To Rent and Own

The Zombie Army

Phantom Pain Films sends word that Betty Stapleford’s undead military treasure, The Zombie Army, is now available on Video On Demand. The 1991 splatter-filled, shot-on-video cult classic is also available in a new, limited edition VHS release. The movie was filmed in 1989 on a homemade sound stage in Newark, …

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James Quinn’s ‘Flesh of the Void’ (2017) Hits Vimeo!

Flesh of the Void

After a run of midnight screenings following the world premiere at Nightmares Film Festival 2017 (where it won Best Overall Feature), James Quinn’s Flesh of the Void had released a limited run of DVDs, distributed by Black Lava Entertainment. The run sold out in a matter of weeks, and the …

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Award Winning Short Film ‘BFF Girls’ Now On Vimeo

BFF Girls

BFF Girls (read our review here) made its world premiere at the 2018 Boston Underground Film Festival and received rave reviews. The film went on to screen at a total of 37 film festivals, taking home 7 awards, including Best of Fest from Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival and the …

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Psychological Thriller ‘The Shelter’ Comes To Video On Demand

The Shelter

The Shelter is Arrow In The Head founder John Fallon’s directorial debut. Fallon had previously written 12 films and acted in more than 20 before finally directing his own. The psychological thriller was shot entirely in Louisiana and has been getting great reviews. Critics at London Frightfest and the Sitges Film …

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Film Threat Launches Distribution Label With ‘The Theta Girl!’

Film Threat

Comic-Con is underway out in San Diego and the good news keeps on coming. The latest? Venerable horror website Film Threat is launching a new indie film distribution label. Their first release? The micro budget indie film The Theta Girl! Film Threat was kind enough to send us the details, …

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‘An Idle Mind Is The Devil’s Playground’ Now on VOD!

An Idle Mind Is The Devil's Playground

Reel Nightmare Films has released the new psychological thriller An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground on Amazon Prime Video. The film is also now available in the United States, the U.K. and worldwide on Vimeo On Demand. A throwback to The Twilight Zone, this Black and White feature is …

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Wrestling-Horror Film ‘Parts Unknown’ Gets A Trailer!

Parts Unknown

I watched a lot of wrestling as a kid. The mysterious wrestlers, mostly villains and guys wearing masks, always hailed “from parts unknown.” It added to their sinister aura. Now, in 2018, along comes a horror film that plays off this staple of pro wrestling lore. Boston Film Family, LLC, sends …

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‘Born Again’ Horror-Comedy Short Available Online Now!

The clever masterminds at Hands Off Productions have released the horror-comedy short Born Again in its entirety. Just in time for Halloween! Moral of Born Again? Summoning the Devil can be hilarious! The short features Frankenstein Created Bikers star Ellie Church. Watch the full length short after the press release. Born Again …

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