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Beyond Fest 2020 Announces Killer Line-up

Freaky, PC: Universal Pictures .jpg

Beyond Fest 2020 announces the first physical genre festival of the year with week-long drive-in residence including world premieres of Christopher Landon’s from Blumhouse FREAKY, Adam Egypt Mortimer’s ARCHENEMY, and Jim Cummings’ THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW. Beyond Fest, the highest-attended genre film festival in the United States is excited …

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Horror Coming To Netflix For March 2019

It’s about that time when we say goodbye to some of the horror movies and TV shows on Netflix, but also get to celebrate the ones coming out in the following month. Below is a list of everything coming and leaving Netflix in March 2019. Arriving March 1st A Clockwork …

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Top 5 Comedic Horror Movies on Netflix

With the horror genre, laughing one’s ass off isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. However, films such as Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981) and Evil Dead II (1987), Stephen Chiodo’s Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) and John Gulager’s Feast (2005) have helped fuse laughs and …

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‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’ (2010): Horror Slapstick With Heart (And Guts) Retro Review

We’ve seen a lot of horror movies where the evil is a psycho with a machete or a diabolical villain with too much time on his hands. In 2010’s Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, the evil is miscommunication, stereotypes, social awkwardness and highly accident prone college kids. All human aspects of …

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10 Awesome Backwoods Horror Films

Backwoods horror films are easily some of the most terrifying types of movies. Unlike supernatural films or creature features, the stories are based in reality and often inspired from true crime stories and serial killers. At the same time, the topic can easily spawn dark comedy as they feature hillbillies and …

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10 Of The Best Badass Beards in Horror Movies

There are two things that I love to see: a great horror flick and a nice beard. So why not combine the two and take a look at some of the most badass beards in horror? Starting the list is… Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper in Jaws (1975) Hooper’s curly …

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