BUFF 2019: Happy Ending (2017) Short Film Review

Sometimes, it seems like your life is going nowhere. Sometimes, it seems like what you really want is too far away for you to reach. Sometimes, we’re filled with more wishes than fulfillment. We could all use a Happy Ending

Poster of Happy Ending


When Amanda (Mariam Hernández: 6 Points About Emma 2011), the girl of Alberto’s (Niko Verona) dreams, visits unexpectedly, Alberto finds that with a simple saying, all of his romantic movie fantasies are coming true.

To start off, I just want to say Happy Ending isn’t a horror short, BUT it is a very entertaining short! It was hilarious! The overall vibe of the film was a mixture of a Twilight Zone episode and an ABCs of Death segment. It’s a short film that you can sit back and have fun with. The acting from Mariam and Niko are great, and Alberto is a very relatable character. The cinematography by Helher Escribano was beautiful. The music composed by Alf Garret and Fernando González fits the film perfectly! The ending was a little confusing, but it was unexpected and still very amusing. I’m just a huge fan of the whole thing.

Overall Thoughts

Happy Ending was a unique take on fantasies in films. In only three minutes, we’re given a perfect setup, development, and conclusion. It had relatable characters and a beautiful execution. I’m very impressed with Fernando González Gómez’s work so far! I love seeing great potential in the filmmaking world and I can’t wait to see more from him in the future!

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