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Interview with ‘VelociPastor’ Director Brendan Steere

Without a doubt, The VelociPastor (2018 – our review here) has been one of the biggest surprise breakout success stories of this year, and deservedly so. The wildly hilarious tale about a prehistorically supercharged priest kicking ass and fighting crime is easily one of the most ludicrously fun film experiences horror has …

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If Fun Is A Sin, Then You’ll Have Much to Confess To The ‘VelociPastor’ – Movie Review

We’ve all got our guilty pleasures, those little things that we know might not be the best for us, or that don’t exactly fit our personalities, but they’re just too irresistible to deny. Horror is rife with those guilty pleasures. We hear the phrase, “So bad, it’s good,” all the …

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