The Pennywise Controversy

It seems the IT remake is still causing a bit of controversy. Recently, I viewed a blogger’s article that basically stated that Tim Curry wasn’t a good Pennywise. I wanted to talk more about that statement and why it isn’t entirely accurate. 

First off, Tim Curry’s performance was the best thing about the original It. He put his heart and soul into that role and he completely stole the show! I don’t think the original It would be as praised or even remembered if it wasn’t for him. I agree the original could’ve been way better, but I don’t blame Tim for it. I blame the filmmakers for not even reading the book before making the film, and for making the film for TV.

Now, there were some statements I did agree with. For instance, the fans’ comments about shunning Bill Skarsgård and the new It long before the film is even released. All because he isn’t Tim Curry! Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. We don’t want a Pennywise just like Tim Curry. We want something new and terrifying!

Now, I think Pennywise was brilliantly performed in 1990, but the character himself wasn’t scary. I don’t know if the film just didn’t age well, or if it’s just the way the character was written, but to me, Pennywise simply isn’t terrifying. I believe Bill can bring a Pennywise that can truly frighten a new generation.

I believe this blogger’s intention was to convince fans to give the It remake a chance, but he went about it all wrong. What fans don’t realize is you don’t have to choose one or the other. You don’t have to bash one actor’s performance of a character to build another actor up.

The quote “respect the past, embrace the future” has been floating around ever since stills of the remake have been released. I believe that quote is very relevant in this situation. Tim and Bill will give horror fans two completely different evil clowns to enjoy. Give Bill a chance, but never forget the man who brought Pennywise to life first! 

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