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Ti West’s ‘The House of the Devil’ Returns To Theaters

The House of the Devil

One of the best-reviewed horror films of all time, Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL will return to the big screen this October to mark its 10th anniversary. Becoming an instant cult classic upon its release in 2009, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL will receive a nationwide re-release in …

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PopHorror Interviews Adam MacDonald, Director of ‘Backcountry’ and ‘Pyewacket’

Although I love horror, it takes a lot to scare me. Psychological thrillers and films that mess with your head are typically the ones that affect me the most. That’s why I love Pyewacket¬†(read my review here) so much. It’s definitely one my favorites thus far in 2018, and I …

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‘Unbearing’ (2017) A Short Film Review

I never really babysat when I was younger. Or even now for that matter. For me, there is something rather unnerving about watching other people’s children. Especially for strangers. You can’t help but think of every worse case scenario.¬† Maybe the movie, When a Stranger Calls (1979) had something to …

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25 Horror Movies on Hulu

Have you exhausted Netflix’s horror selection? Perhaps you want to watch something Netflix doesn’t offer? Or maybe you find Netflix’s horror selection leaving much to be desired? Well, have no fear: Hulu is here! A lot of horror fans, myself included, have begun utilizing Hulu more often mainly because they …

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