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Horror Movies and the Escape of it All

Movies, no matter how groundbreaking or silly they may be, have always traded one thing to us in return for their immortality – the means of escape. Escape from reality. Escape from life. Escape from the world. Horror movies have come to be one of the most consistent suppliers of …

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40 Years of Epic Terror – ‘The Evil Dead’ (1981) Retro Review

When it comes down to the most iconic horror films in history, there are not very many that can argue that this film would be on that list. Directed and written by Sam Raimi, The Evil Dead  (another epic review) set many horror standards for years to come. Anyone who loves …

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‘The Evil Dead’ Coming to Cinemas Nationwide October 7th for Its 40th Anniversary

Evil Dead 40th Anniversary

Fathom Events and Grindhouse Releasing are set to bring writer/director Sam Raimi’s original 1981 horror classic, The Evil Dead back to cinemas nationwide for its 40th anniversary. In addition to the movie that spawned a film, TV, and video game franchise, attendees will be treated to an exclusive introduction from …

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Movie Review: Patrick Robert Young and Powell Robinson’s ‘Threshold’ (2021) Gets What It Gives

Admittedly, Threshold has an interesting technical concept as a horror/thriller combined with a road trip mumblecore/indie drama, improvised by the two leads and shot on two iPhones. It’s always impressive to see such moxie and go-get-’em spirit in filmmakers—to take the low-fi, low-budget route with high concepts for the time …

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Happy 60th Birthday to Sam Raimi!

On October 23, 2019, we get to celebrate the 60th birthday of a true cinematic icon, the one and only Sam Raimi. This is a particularly big deal for myself, as Sam is the director and creator of my favorite horror franchise of all time, the one series that has …

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EXMORTUS Debuts ‘Evil Dead’ Inspired ‘Swallow Your Soul!’

Swallow Your Soul

Los Angeles-based EXMORTUS, hot off the success of their recent releases “Slave To The Sword” (2014), “Ride Forth” (2016), and “Sound Of Steel” (2018), are back with an all new EP. “Legions of the Undead” hits store shelves this October via the band’s own record label, Exmortus Music, and M-Theory …

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‘Book of Monsters’ Is A Thrilling Page Turner You Can’t Put Down! – Movie Review

“It’s just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.” Rachel Weisz’s charming naivety about a book from 1999’s The Mummy has been disproven countless times throughout horror history. Can we even scratch the surface of all the awful atrocities unleashed by evil books over the years? The aforementioned …

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‘Evil Dead’ (2013) Rains in Blood Again With Unrated Cut Finally Hitting Blu-ray

Remakes are, without a doubt, one of the most hotly debated issues in horror today. I’m personally not a fan in most cases, favoring original ideas or at least fresh spins rather than rehashing what’s already been done. There are always exceptions, of course. For me, one that will always …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ‘The Evil Dead’ (1981)

The Evil Dead is the first movie I ever saw that looked like a nightmare. And that’s not a rib-nudging insult. Honest. The Evil Dead doesn’t hide all its rough edges, but those edges are exactly what branded it onto the darkest, mushiest corner of my adolescent mind. The celluloid …

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Celebrating 35 Years of ‘The Evil Dead’

The Evil Dead

Today we celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Evil Dead’s release in the United States. This film was easily the first of its kind, which paved way for so many gory splatter films to come. The Evil Dead was the film that jump started Sam Raimi’s (Spider-man 2 2004) career and …

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