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A Look Back At The CGI Sci-Fi Horror Class Of 2000

Over the years, CGI has received a lot of negativity from the horror community. The replacement of practical gore and special effects has been part of the film industry for over 30 years now. Things we take for granted like the MCU would be nothing more than a dream without …

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PopHorror’s List of Best Costumes In Horror Films (1980 – Present)

In addition to offering up some blood and guts, horror movies also feature some amazing costumes! In this list, we’ve chosen some popular films – and some you may not have thought of – to find all of the best costumes, starting way back in 1980 and ending right here …

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Stephen King is Claiming Back Rights to His Classic Stories

Stephen King is on fire these past few years! There have been a slew of both movie and TV adaptations of King’s novels and short stories recently, including Hulu’s series, 11.22.63, with James Franco and The Cell (read our review here) with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. This year, his works …

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