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‘Sharknado’ Hits Select Theaters For Its 10 Year Anniversary

In honor of Sharknado’s 10-year anniversary, the film is coming to theaters courtesy of The Asylum and Rubey Entertainment. The 10th Anniversary Edition features an all-new remastered version with never-before-seen kills and thrills! Fans can catch the newly restored iconic moments from one of cinema’s greatest cult classics for two nights …

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SHARK MONTH: BITEFEST Celebration Starts On Tubi On August 1st!


Shark Week not cutting it? The folks at Tubi are bringing you SHARK MONTH! Starting August 1, Tubi presents BITEFEST, a month-long free streaming movie extravaganza featuring more than 70 shark-themed titles! Check it out! From The Tubi SHARK MONTH: BITEFEST Press Release Beginning August 1, Tubi brings back summer …

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Interview with ‘VelociPastor’ Director Brendan Steere

Without a doubt, The VelociPastor (2018 – our review here) has been one of the biggest surprise breakout success stories of this year, and deservedly so. The wildly hilarious tale about a prehistorically supercharged priest kicking ass and fighting crime is easily one of the most ludicrously fun film experiences horror has …

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If Fun Is A Sin, Then You’ll Have Much to Confess To The ‘VelociPastor’ – Movie Review

We’ve all got our guilty pleasures, those little things that we know might not be the best for us, or that don’t exactly fit our personalities, but they’re just too irresistible to deny. Horror is rife with those guilty pleasures. We hear the phrase, “So bad, it’s good,” all the …

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‘Jaws IV: The Revenge’ Gets a 21st Century Facelift

Over the weekend, Jaws‘ bigger, fatter, much older brother took to the cinema with Jason Statham in The Meg (check out our review of the film here). The film opened to a worldwide audience and racked in $148 million for its troubles. It’s worth noting its production budget was just $150 million so …

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‘The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time’ Trailer Goes Way, Way Back!

I never would have called it. Although it’s only another creature feature SyFy film with tolerable CGI, Sharknado has gone where no other television movie franchise has gone before. What could have been a vague memory of a film watched during childhood, relentlessly sought out in bootleg form as an adult …

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Happy Shark Week! Here’s PopHorror’s Favorite Shark Films That Aren’t Jaws!

It’s that time of year again. Grab your popcorn and your life jackets, because Shark Week is here once again! Not only is it time for finally get to see Shaq swimming with Great Whites, but the annual tradition is also celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. With this year being such …

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Interview with Tara Reid: Queen of Sharks, Snakes and Apple Pie

Known by horror and non-horror fans alike, Tara Reid’s career was launched by the 1998 smash hit comedy, The Big Lebowski, closely followed by the 1998 slasher, Urban Legend. From there, Tara became an icon of the age, transitioning between the comedy and horror genres with memorable titles such as …

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Brace Yourself For “Attack of the Killer Donuts!”

Attack of the Killer Donuts

“We love eating them. Now it’s THEIR turn!” That’s the tagline for Level 33 Entertainment‘s new comedy/horror film Attack of the Killer Donuts! Shot in Los Angeles, Attack of the Killer Donuts is directed by Scott Wheeler (Sharknado 5: Global Swarming). Wheeler was nominated recently for a Primetime Emmy for his work …

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