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Nosferatu Reborn: ‘Shadow Of The Vampire’ (2000) – Retro Review

When it comes to vampire movies, there are none better than Nosferatu (1922). In fact, Nosferatu is my favorite vampire film. It’s dark and gothic, and Max Schreck (The Street 1923) is absolutely fantastic. But not much was known about the production of the film. Rumors circulated about Schreck really …

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Interview With Michael O’Shea, Writer and Director of The Transfiguration

Awhile back, I had the chance to watch and review the amazing vampire film The Transfiguration (read my review of the film here) from writer/director Michael O’Shea. I absolutely loved the film, so I reached out to Michael and asked him for an interview. Thankfully, he accepted. Check it out! PopHorror: …

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