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Celebrating Cronenberg – A Letter To The Influential Filmmaker On His Birthday

Dear Mr. Cronenberg,  March 15th marks your 80th trip around the sun. An auspicious occasion in itself, but you sir, are celebrating 80 glorious years on this earth, many of which were spent making indispensable films, writing novels, acting, and being a father. You helped create a new, subversive sub-genre, …

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Looking Back At The Significance Of ‘Scanners’ (1981) – Retro Review

In the late 1970s, fledgling Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg introduced the world to his unique brand of horror. After completing three features—the first, which focused on parasitic psychosexual mania in Shivers (1975), then on to the uncommon, aggressive outbreak of Rabid (1977), and eventually, to mutant offspring in The Brood …

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Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies-LA: Destructible Man Effects, Or The Dummy Death

From the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies-LA Press Release: Prosthetic demise, or the “dummy death” as film historians Howard S. Berger and Kevin Marr refer to it, is a practical cinematic technique wherein an actor portraying a character is replaced by an articulated replica special-effects mannequin at a moment of …

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Miskatonic Institute Presents: A Conversation With Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside

Sister organizations The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies and Spectacular Optical in partnership with the Fantasia International Film Festival and the Frontières International Co-Production Market present: a career talk with iconic Canadian cult actor Michael Ironside! The event will be moderated by film writer and producer Heather Buckley. Of course you know …

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Top 10 David Cronenberg Films

It’s impossible to discuss independent filmmaking without bringing up David Cronenberg. The Canadian director – who turned 73 this year on March 15th – has been showcasing his bizarre outlook onto celluloid for half a century now, starting with the short film Transfer in 1966. As one of the world’s most fascinating …

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