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Jeremy Dylan Lanni’s ‘Deep in the Forest’ Comes to On Demand and Digital

The greatest thing about horror films is that we may tread a little more cautiously after watching them. Maybe we are a bit more analytical about a situation or have it in the back of our minds how quickly things can get scary. Saban Films has release the unique thriller, …

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John Carpenter’s ‘Village of the Damned’ (1995) – Does It Still Hold Up? – Retro Review

John Carpenter is my favorite director, and frankly, it’s not a particularly close race. Classics like The Thing (read our 35th anniversary tribute here), Halloween, and Escape From New York are firmly entrenched on my Top 10 Films of All Time List. In some way, just about every Carpenter film …

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Cinepocalypse 2017 Presents: ‘The Terror of Hallow’s Eve’ (2017)

Movies about a person getting revenge on the assholes who bully them make up a pretty big subgenre in the land of horror. When you think about it, everything from Let the Right One In to The Craft to Terror Train to Trick or Treat (1986), to more recent films like Unfriended, Wish …

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