The Rezort (2016): The Undead Meets Jurassic Park

If you could plan a vacation to an isolated island serving as a safari park offering the opportunity to kill zombies for sport, would you take it? Following a zombie outbreak leaving approximately 2 billion dead, paying customers are given the chance to fulfill their gruesome fantasies at The Rezort where it is believed that “every apocalypse deserves an after party.”

Immersed in a controlled environment, customers test their skills, or lack thereof, against herded zombie hordes and undead secured to popup targets. However, when the walls of security collapse due to a mainframe hack, a group of guests must actually fight for survival. Sound a little familiar? You may be remembering this general concept involving dinosaurs rather than zombies. Though I would love to criticize this film for ripping off Jurassic Park, it offers just enough of it’s own spin for me to refrain.

Comprising the group of guests who get the real apocalyptic survival experience are Lewis (Martin McCann) and Melanie (Jessica De Gouw), a couple trying to help Melanie overcome post-apocalyptic traumatic fears, Archer (Dougray Scott), a post-apocalypse veteran and marksmen, Jack (Jassa Ahluwalia) and Alfie (Lawrence Walker), two video game junkies, and Sadie (Elen Rhys), who’s ex-fiancé left her just before the wedding.

Beginning with a shaky start, this 2016 British zombie flick was directed by Steven Barker (Outpost) and seems to struggle between cluing the audience in on the current state of society while giving proper character introductions. However, as things begin to make more sense, it isn’t long before the plot of this zombie film with a twist gains momentum and the fight for survival commences. When a couple of secrets reveal that not everything is what it seems, the plot thickens, making this something more than a simple zombie feature.

Though the characters fail to have much depth, there is plenty of action and some substance to assist in keeping this film from being post-apocalyptic garbage. Along with the standard gore-filled zombie attacks expected from any undead flick worth a viewing, this film includes the threat of humankind losing its humanity for self-serving purposes. Though it will not go down in history as a groundbreaking film featuring the undead, The Rezort is a gem worth viewing and can currently be found on Netflix.

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