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Lucky McKee’s ‘MAY’ (2002) – An Ageless Character Study – Retro Review


Simply put, character studies make some of the most intriguing films ever created. From Hitchcock’s genre-defining Psycho (1960) to the more recent masterclass Pearl (2022, read our review here), horror has allowed us to follow some of the most heartbroken and homicidal figures in history. May (2003) is no exception. It …

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Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Infinity Pool’ (2023) – Movie Review

Love him or hate him, anticipate or avoid him, Brandon Cronenberg is just as much a demented artiste as his father. His newest film, Infinity Pool, is no different, asking: what is life and law if certain people are above other’s inevitabilities of death and consequences? The film stars Alexander …

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The First Annual Bloody Pop Awards! A Roundup of PopHorror’s Favorites From 2022

Bloody Pop Awards 2022

With so much media coming out in our beloved horror genre in the year 2022, what’s the cream of the crop? To help you our readers sort through it all, we decided to initiate our very own awards to celebrate. Welcome to the first annual Bloody Pop Awards! Our candidates …

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Ti West’s ‘Pearl’ (2022): This Prequel Will Have You On A String – Movie Review


Earlier this year, Ti West brought us X, a glorious amalgamation of schlocky ’70s sexploitation slasher films made with a modern style of storytelling and visual aesthetic. Almost simultaneous to the release of X was the announcement of a prequel, Pearl, that would shift the setting from the ’70s back …

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Ti West’s ‘X’ (2022) – Movie Review

Ti West's 'X'

When word got out that director Ti West’s new movie, X, was coming soon and it was set to be released by A24, social media was plunged into a whirlwind of anticipation and delight. The news was everywhere. It was pretty much the only thing being talked about as this …

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