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Peter Hurd’s Horror Novel ‘XOLO’ Details and Exclusive Cover Art Reveal


Director Peter Hurd (read our review of his film, The Control Group, here) is about to release his first horror novel! It’s called XOLO, and Peter was kind enough to give us an exclusive first look at the cover. It looks like it’s gonna be a good one if the …

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Coming Soon: The Third Book In Mad Seeck’s Trilogy, ‘The Last Grudge’

Coming soon to bookstores and online is the third book in the Ghost of the Past series from author Mad Seeck called The Last Grudge. It will be available February 7, 2023. Synopsis: Powerful executive Eliel Zetterborg has been found murdered in his upscale Helsinki home. What at first seems …

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Crowdfundr Launched for Horror Author John Penney’s New Book, ‘It Comes Back’

A Crowdfundr has just been launched for horror author John Penney’s (Truck Stop) latest novel, It Comes Back. Synopsis: It knows what you did… It will use it against you. Allison Cutter is just a typical housewife living in California with her husband Ray. One night she wakes up to …

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Book Review: Chelsea Ichaso’s ‘Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets (2022) – The Perfect Murder Mystery

Dead Girls Can't Tell Secrets.

I have yet to read Chelsea Ichaso’s Little Creepy Things, but after reading Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets… I’m officially a fan of her work. This was the perfect young adult murder mystery. I’m a pretty busy woman, but I managed to read this in 2 days and I couldn’t …

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Available In Paperback and E-Book in the Fall: Mercedes M. Yardley’s ‘Darling’

Coming in the fall from Bram Stoker Award-winning author Mercedes M. Yardley is a new horror book called Darling. It will be available courtesy of the women-owned publishing house, Black Spot Books, on August 23, 2022. Synopsis: Cherry LaRouche escaped the claws of Darling, Louisiana, at sixteen. When she is …

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‘Monsters In The Dark’ By Author Donovan ‘Monster’ Smith Released Through Red Cape Publishing

We’re big fans of Red Cape Publishing over here at PopHorror. Not only do we love the books that they put out, but a few of our writers have actually had their work published through Red Cape. When we heard about a new debut novel from horror film producer Donovan …

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New Horror Book Available Now On Amazon: Christopher M. Fink’s ‘KyN’

A new book is available now for sale on Amazon from author Christopher M. Fink (AKA The Horror Seeker) called KyN. Synopsis: Centuries after their tyrannical reign, the Lycan exist now in dwindling numbers at the end of their bloodlines. Very little remains of their lineage, and as they have …

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Cassondra Windwalker’s New Book, ‘Hold My Place,’ Coming Out Early Next Year

Coming out January 25, 2022, from Black Spot Books is Cassondra Windwalker’s new book titled Hold My Place. Synopsis: When librarian Sigrun falls head-over-heels for the sophisticated and very married Edgar Leyward, she never expects to find herself in his bed—or his heart. Nevertheless, when his enigmatic wife Octavia dies …

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Brae Wyckoff’s Debut Novel, ‘The Embalmer,’ Now Available

We’ve been waiting with baited breath for the release of Brae Wyckoff’s novel, The Embalmers. We just found out that, not only is the book available, but you can get it right on Amazon! We’ve read it already, so we know it’s fantastic. Check out this advanced praise: “Twisted and …

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