A Legend Is Born… Happy Birthday To The King Of Gore, Tom Savini

In the horror community, there are many instances where a name will be mentioned and we all know instantly who it is. For me and I am sure many many others, one of those names is Tom Savini. This month I want to extend a very very happy birthday to the one and only man who made the gore whore’s dreams come true and for all of us who can’t help but get that warm, fuzzy feeling when we see zombies or monsters tear someone apart. So, in celebration of this epic artist’s birthday, we give you this tribute to the King of Gore, Tom Savini.

Tom Savini was born November 3, 1946, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and ever since that moment, has made a huge impact on the horror community. Not only he is an amazing special effects artist, but he also acts in many of the films as well. Savini worked with some of the most impactful writers and directors in the horror industry including one of my ultimate favorites, George A. Romero. The two of them collaborating on screen has brought us some of the most epic horror films ever, such as Dawn of the Dead and the amazing remake of The Night of the Living Dead (1990). Savini’s work has been so impactful on my love for horror that without it, I don’t think I would be as passionate about the genre as I am today.

When it comes down to horror films and all the different subgenres and special effects that exist, I can’t help but admire Savini for his love of practical effects. I think that is exactly why I prefer them to CGI. He has given us some of the most goretastic moments in film all done with buckets of goo and attention to detail. His brilliance and passion shows with each blood splatter and head explosion. And even today, Tom Savini uses his passion to expand and help others including opening a school for aspiring effects artists.

Not only is Tom Savini an amazing artist, but his acting is one of my favorite things to witness. Every role he plays is somehow amusing and interesting. And even though he never pushes for major parts, the roles he does play are so full of dedication and passion that they sometimes make more of an impact than some of the main focal characters. One prime example is From Dusk Till Dawn. Although not a prominent character, when he does come on screen as Sex Machine, it is memorable and still talked about today. I still bring up Sex Machine because he is one of my favorite characters.

We at PopHorror wanted to extend a goretastic happy birthday to Mr. Tom Savini. Not only is he a great artist, but he is also one of the most influential individuals in the horror business. I am looking forward to seeing so much more from him.

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