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Interview with Reyna Young, AKA Miss Misery, Author of ‘Welcome Home Natalie’

In recent weeks, I was watching the amazing collection of horror movies and documentaries that Tubi TV has, and I came across this gem called Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell. It was there that I watched an interview done with Miss Misery. She was intelligent, witty, and a ton …

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Get Your Copy Of ‘A Scream in the Night’ A Chilling, All-Female Horror Anthology!

a scream in the night

Last Doorway Productions and Black Bed Sheet Books celebrate women in horror fiction by partnering to bring a chilling, all-female horror anthology,  A Scream in the Night! Horror Host Miss Misery (Reyna Young) has brought together 13 stories bound to elicit the piercing shrieks women in cinema are known for. …

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Sink Your Teeth Into Reyna Young’s ‘Monsters’ Book Series!


Press Release for Monsters Book Series We have some great news for our readers who love reading or have kids who love reading! Last Doorway Productions owner Reyna Young also known as Television Horror Hostess Miss Misery (read our interview with her – here) has been writing her own Book …

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