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‘Bloody Summer Camp’ (2021): A True ’80s Summer Slasher Throwback – Movie Review

Slasher 15 is back, and this time, they’re out for blood in the new slasher throwback, Bloody Summer Camp! For the third film in his directorial filmography, David Kerr (Curse of the Slasher Nurse 2017) and his production team takes us camping in true ’80s horror fashion: No phone, no …

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No One Is Safe At Camp Trustfall: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Bloody Summer Camp’

Bloody Summer camp

A 1980’s throwback slasher film Bloody Summer Camp has begun filming with Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) attached. The film is written and directed by David Kerr Rose. Alongside Rose stars Cody Faulk, Matthew Sharpe, and Kay Leahy. The first official trailer was released on December 30th. Synopsis for Bloody Summer …

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