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Shudder Releases New Trailer for Demonic Folklore Horror ‘Kandisha’


Check out the new trailer for demonic folklore horror, Kandisha. This film was directed by Inside and Livid duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. It stars Mathilde Lamusse, Samarcande Saadi, and Suzy Bemba. Described as a¬†stylish and gory take on the Morrocan folk legend of the vengeful female demon Aicha …

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Review – LEATHERFACE (2017)

Of all the horror franchises, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been one of the most execrable. Starting at a very high point in 1974, the series has done absolutely nothing but go straight down the shitter like a mushy turd (aside from a stubborn floater here and there). When it …

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