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New Trailer Released For Peter Hsieh’s ‘Drive All Night’

A new trailer has been released for the exciting new film directed by Peter Hsieh (Sleight of Hand) called Drive All Night. The film stars Lexy Hammonds (Crazy Love), Yutaka Takeuchi (Letters From Iwo Jima, Johnny Gilligan (Through the Ashes), and Sarah Dumont (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse). It …

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Panic Fest 2020 Short Film Review: ‘Amber,’ Is Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Every parent’s worst nightmare is the kidnapping of their child. The short film, Amber, directed by Andrew Wynkoop (To Pierce An Angel’s Wing 2017), addresses this issue with a nightmarish twist. I recently got to watch it for Panic Fest 2020. The film stars Sherill Quinn (Choice 2019), Johnny Gilligan …

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