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Movie Review: Patrick Robert Young and Powell Robinson’s ‘Threshold’ (2021) Gets What It Gives

Admittedly, Threshold has an interesting technical concept as a horror/thriller combined with a road trip mumblecore/indie drama, improvised by the two leads and shot on two iPhones. It’s always impressive to see such moxie and go-get-’em spirit in filmmakers—to take the low-fi, low-budget route with high concepts for the time …

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10-Year-Old Dynamo Viva Tolar Introduces Us to Some ‘Killer Kids’

Viva Tolar raising monsters in Sanguino

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a simple enough question, one we’ve all undoubtedly been asked at least once in our lifetimes. It probably shouldn’t be an elusive answer, although for myself personally, I still feel it’s a question that’s gone unanswered. I never really …

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Comparing Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ to Rob Zombie’s Controversial Reboot

Few remakes of horror classics have sparked as much controversy as Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Much of the general public find this film distasteful due to the graphic scenes depicted during Myer’s childhood and throughout the film. Some die-hard horror fanatics of John Carpenter’s original have a disdain for the film …

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