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5 Reasons Why ‘Halloween’ Is My Favorite Film Of All Time

Throughout the years, cinema has been a beautiful source of entertainment for audiences all over the world. Movie lovers have grown to adore films over the years, and have even labeled a select few as their favorite films of all time. My personal favorite film of all time in the horror genre comes in the form of the 1978 classic, Halloween. John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece had a great influence on me during my early years, and encouraged me to get involved in filmography in some capacity. This article will detail 5 reasons why Halloween is my personal favorite horror film of all time.

5.) The Cast 

Growing up, I’d always gotten to know certain actors and actresses from their previous films, giving me a predetermined idea of what to expect in the sense of performance. However, when I was introduced to the Halloween cast, which was filled with actors and actresses I’ve never seen on film, I was pleasantly surprised. It was refreshing to see an unknown cast this time around, a cast that felt organic and realistic to many teenagers. The trio of Laurie, Annie and Lynda accurately portrayed the typical cluster of girls that many teens could easily connect to. It was also a new feeling seeing Donald Pleasence bring a very unique approach to a horror film that had a strong Shakespearean vibe, beautifully capturing the plot of Good Vs Evil.

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