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Stephanie Hensley’s ‘The Demons Within’ – Movie Review

It’s always interesting to see a film from a director you’ve never seen before. Sometimes the final product is slow, awkward, and full of empty promises, but in others, viewers get a well-thought out and carefully planned story that has been buffed into a sparkling shine. You honestly never know …

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Werewolf Horror ‘Betsy’ On Digital and On Demand Soon!


Here at PopHorror, we’ve been covering news for Betsy for what seems like forever. We’re stoked that the public eye will soon get a chance to see what we’ve seen. It’s a super fun with a great cast and crew. See our review – here. This film was written and …

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‘Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2’ Releases Teaser Trailer!

As someone who loved Shawn Burkett’s Don’t Fuck In The Woods (read our review – here), I’ve been looking forward to any news about the sequel Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2. Well, now thanks to the fine folks at Horror Society, we have a bit to share with you. Yesterday, …

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‘Scream For Summer’ (2017) Movie Review

Earlier this year, my anticipation was high for The Wicked One (you can read my review here), which turned out to be an intense and satisfying indie slasher. Soon after viewing it, I found out that its writer, Cheyenne Gordon, was writing and directing his own film, Scream For Summer, which got me …

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Exclusive: The Wicked One Follow Up ‘I See You’ to film at The Myers House!

Awhile back, we shared the news that the indie horror smash, The Wicked One, was getting a follow up with the upcoming sequel, I See You. It is to be co-written by Tory Jones and Nathan Thomas Milliner with Jones returning as director and Jack Norman returning as The Wicked One. I received …

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Exclusive: The Wicked One Returns In ‘I See You’ – Check Out The New Poster!

The indie slasher film The Wicked One (see our review here) made waves in the indie horror scene, mostly due to positive word of mouth and a terrifying killer. When I interviewed The Wicked One’s director, Tory Jones (read the interview here), he dropped the first bits of information on …

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[Exclusive] The First Trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s ‘Scream For Summer’

scream for summer

?Awhile back, we shared the news of a new indie slasher called Scream For Summer that was just entering production. Now, PopHorror is proud to share with you the EXCLUSIVE first trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s slash-tastic horror flick! Scream For Summer was written and directed by Cheyenne Gordon (The Wicked One 2017) and …

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Indie Slasher Film ‘Scream For Summer’ Enters Production

Cheyenne Gordon is a man of many talents, having co-written and starred in The Wicked One. Recently, Cheyenne has started filming his directorial debut called Scream For Summer. The film is a throwback to the self referential, witty and meta slasher films of the ’90s that we all know and love. Read …

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Blood Moon River (2017) Movie Review

I have been a fan of Daniel Murphy and Tom Komisar’s HM&M Films for about a year or so now, ever since I found out a friend of mine was in their killer clown home invasion film, House of Whores. This a film I still have a hard time watching all …

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