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Interview With Star Of ‘The Exorcism Of God’ Will Beinbrink

I grew up going to church every weekend and attending a Catholic school from Kindergarten through 12th grade, so I don’t like normal religious movies. But give me an exorcism horror movie with a disgraced priest as its major character? I am in! That’s what drew me to Alejandro Hidalgo’s …

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‘Clown Fear’ (2020): A Carnival Of Old School Chills – Movie Review

There are a few subgenres of horror that stay in the hearts of the fanbase forever, particular things that people associate with fear that are evergreen. Clowns are one of those divisive topics that can send chills down the spine of the most hardcore gorehound. Lionsgate’s latest release, Clown Fear, …

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PopHorror’s Favorite Horror Movies of 2019

PopHorror's Favorite Horror Movies of 2019

Here at PopHorror, we love all things horror. From mainstream to indie, we can’t get enough of it. We’re grateful for the many opportunities and great films that have come our way. With the year wrapping up tonight, we wanted to bring you PopHorror’s Favorite Horror Movies of 2019! In …

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Product Review: ‘Chapter Two IT’ Talking Motion Sensing Pennywise Chibi Plush

Pennywise chibi plush

It’s the Holiday season and it’s never too late to pick up the perfect gift for the horror fan in your life. YuMe Toys recently launched its IT Creepy Pennywise chibi plush. The IT Creepy Pennywise will scare all your household visitors with its motion-activated moving head and glowing eyes, …

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Fun Facts About Stephen King’s IT – The 1990 Miniseries And ‘IT Chapter One’

To celebrate the release of It Chapter Two in theaters this Friday, September 6th, PopHorror has compiled a list of fun facts from the It TV miniseries (1990), and It Chapter One (2017). Check out our review of the newest film here! Also, here is the trailer for It Chapter …

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Stephen King’s IT Miniseries Is Floating To SYFY

Tim Curry in IT Miniseries (1990)

STEPHEN KING’S IT MINISERIES IS FLOATING TO SYFY We know you can’t get enough of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, so we’re bringing him and his torturous ways right into your homes…what better way to prepare for IT: Chapter Two when it’s released in theaters this Friday? The original two-part, 1990 …

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The Ultimate Pennywise Halloween Decoration!

Stephen King’s tale of the child-murdering evil incarnate in the form of something that scared them scratched that lingering, collective itch of why we find clowns so creepy. The TV miniseries and the feature film cemented Pennywise as a horror icon from the thereafter, and made storm drains a trigger …

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Little Pennywise Returns Just In Time For ‘IT: Chaper 2’

Little Pennywise - IT: Chapter 2

Little Pennywise Returns… In 2017, Eagan Tilghman broke the internet with his Little Pennywise creation that was adorably frightening. Ahead of the IT: Chapter 1 premiere, he created a killer photoshoot with his little brother and the images are still circulating around today and one of the most popular memes …

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Alamo Drafthouse Announces Clowns Only Screenings of ‘IT: CHAPTER 2’

alamo drafthouse - it chapter 2 clowns only

In celebration of Stephen King’s magnum opus, Alamo Drafthouse announces its nightmare-fueled clown-only screenings of IT: CHAPTER TWO in 17 theater locations. The massively popular sold out screenings for the first film took place in just two theaters in 2017, and the theater chain is excited to expand this freakshow …

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Official Full Trailer For ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Is Here And It Is F*cking Terrifying!

IT: chapter 2

Every 27 years, evil returns the little town of Derry, Maine, and in a few months, everyone’s favorite Losers Club will face Pennywise the Dancing Clown once again. The anticipation is maddening, but the time has finally arrived – it’s finally time for the release of the official trailer for IT: Chapter …

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