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Terror Films Adds 10 New Horror Flicks To The Streaming Platform Crackle!

Terror Films

It appears that streaming platforms are the way to go, especially if you love a certain genre or TV series. There’s the ever popular Shudder, plus Midnight Pulp, Screambox, and FrightPix. Now, Terror Films has signed up with one called Crackle where fans can see 1o films from the distribution …

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The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear (2018) – Movie Review

No, the Boston Red Sox didn’t move Fenway Park. There’s another Green Monster, and he makes his home in the deep woods of West Virginia. He goes by many names, but he’s mostly known as The Flatwoods Monster, and he’s been given some love and attention by filmmaker Seth Breedlove …

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Terror Films Unveils ‘Invasion on Chestnut Ridge!’

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge

Terror Films is teaming up with award winning filmmaker Seth Breedlove for his latest documentary, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge.¬†This film examines the history and continuation of unusual happenings on and around Chestnut Ridge, a mountain range located in Southwest Pennsylvania. The unexplained phenomenon in this region includes the Kecksburg UFO …

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