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BayView Entertainment Announces Two Films as Official Selections For The Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2022

BayView Entertainment is proud to announce that two of its own DVD releases are official selections at the Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2022: Teacher Shortage and Insanity. Both films are available now. Teacher Shortage (2020 – read our review of the film here) – Directed by Troy Escamilla and starring Brinke …

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Review of ‘Uzumaki (Spiral)’ (2000) – A New Level in J-Horror

“Curse of the Spiral – The Fingerprint of Life.” Uzumaki is one of my personal favorite J-Horror films, and I’ve seen it numerous times. This is a unique, weird, creepy tale indeed, and makes us aware of how nature affects us in many complex ways – on several levels of …

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‘Asylum of Darkness’ (2017) Movie Review

What drives a person to the edge? Would they become insane seeing things that are not there? Would that person be tempted to hurt or even kill someone? Insanity is a big question in Jay Woelfel’s new film Asylum of Darkness. The ideology of what is sane and insane has …

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