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Horror Pride Month Interview: Charles Chudabala

Charles Chudabala

We’re slowing wrapping up all of our interviews for Horror Pride Month and the next one on the list is with the one and only Charles Chudabala. If you don’t know who he is, you should. He’s a force to be reckoned with in hte indie industry and his career …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Director Michelle Nessk

Michelle Nessk

I’ve mentioned before that Michelle Nessk is one of my favorite horror ghouls on this planet and yes… that still remains true. Although we’ve done interviews before this is a special one since it’s for Horror Pride Month. Michelle Nessk is very vocal in the horror community about representation and …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Director Troy Escamilla

Troy Escamilla

One of my favorite filmmakers in the business is Troy Escamilla. I may be a little biased since he’s a fellow Iowan, but if you’ve seen his films… you can’t deny he creates indie horror magic. The community is lucky to have him and to see his growth with each …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Stacey Palmer

Stacey Palmer

I’ve worked hard this month to step up my game for Horror Pride Month. I’m still not killing it like some of my fellow journalists, but I’m getting there. One of my most important and insightful interviews this month is with horror guru, Stacey Palmer. Stacey is jack of all …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Actor Roger Conners

Roger Conners

It wouldn’t be Horror Pride Month without interviewing the brilliant actor Roger Conners. He’s a proud member of the LGBTQ plus community and a true asset to the horror community. Learn more about how he feels about Pride Month, what representation means to him, his career, and more. PopHorror – …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Horror Writer Jonathan Edward Smith

Over the last couple years, it’s been a pleasure getting to know horror writer Jonathan Edward Smith. He’s very outspoken and insightful, which is why I reached out to him to do an interview for Horror Pride Month. It wouldn’t be the same without hearing his thoughts on things. Learn …

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