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‘Cute Little Buggers’ (2016) You’ll Never See Bunnies the Same Way Again

Close your eyes and picture the ugliest, slimiest, hairiest, bloodthirstiest monster that your brain will allow you to imagine. Got it? Now do the same thing, only let yourself focus on the fluffiest, cuddliest, sweetest creature possible, one you would let sleep next to your newborn baby in its cradle. …

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‘Gremlins Meets ‘Hot Fuzz’ in the New Creature Feature ‘Cute Little Buggers’

If you love horror films about chaotic little critters, you’ll definitely want to check out the upcoming horror story Cute Little Buggers! We can’t wait to see this one! Learn more about the film down below. Official Press Release: Tony Jopia’s highly anticipated comedy-horror hybrid Cute Little Buggers has found a …

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