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Slamdance 2021 Movie Review: Jurgis Matulevicius’ ‘Isaac’ (2021) Is A Web Of Guilt

A man stands menacingly in front of a defeated, restrained man in a dark garage.

Guilt is always a complex emotion with a lot of nuance. Survivors guilt, deep guilt over a life changing mistake, guilt over neglecting a partner… guilt can manifest (and be handled) in a lot of ways. At its core, Jurgis Matulevicius’ directorial debut, Isaac (also known as Izaokas) uses it …

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Three Silent Horror Films From Before 1900

It’s time again to look back in the history of horror — way back!  Here are three very early silent films.  They may not contain some invincible hulking maniac, but they at least dabble in horror imagery. George Albert Smith’s “The X-Rays” (1897) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eda1OJ9GTQ Also known as “The X-Ray Fiend,” …

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