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WiHM 2020: Interview With Producer And Filmmaker Diane Fraker

Diane Fraker

Diane Fraker may be new to the filmmaking business but that’s not stopping her from diving right in. She is currently the co-producer, co-writer, and co-director of the upcoming horror film, The Embalmers (2020). She’s also one half of Schwestern Sky Films. Learn more about why she got involved in …

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WiHM 2020: Interview with Filmmaker and Photographer, Brooklyn Ewing

Brooklyn Ewing

One of my favorite ladies in the indie horror community is hands down, Brooklyn Ewing. Although I’ve never met her in person (yet!!!), I can tell she’s the type of person who lights up a room the moment she walks in it. She creates magic behind the lends whether it’s …

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WiHM 2020: Interview With Up And Coming Scream Queen Rebecca Rinehart

Rebecca Rinehart

Rebecca Rinehart is one of the most impressive people I’ve recently met. She is sweeping the indie horror community off their feet with her charismatic personality and talent and I’m glad to know her. She left a job of 20 plus years to pursue her horror dreams and everything is …

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WiHM 2020: Interview With Filmmaker Stacey Palmer

Stacey Palmer

The indie horror community is packed full of talented people and one of them is Stacey Palmer. She is an incredible filmmaker who has a love for all things blood and gore. I love how important representation is to her and it shows in her work. Learn more about her …

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WiHM 2020: Interview with Filmmaker and Actress, Toby Poser

Toby Poser

One of my favorite films from last year was The Deeper You Dig (read our review – HERE). It was horrifying and beautiful and left a lasting impression. Toby Poser co-directed and co-wrote the film with her husband also starred in it. Everything about this film is raw, honest, and …

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An Interview With ‘Scooter’ Writer/Director Matt Wohl

I recently had the opportunity to review Matt Wohl’s new film, Scooter (read our review here). It’s a very well thought out take on the fertile ground that naive YouTubers can provide for the found footage subgenre. It’s also his feature film debut. In the film, three famous YouTubers attempt …

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[Exclusive Interview] Filmmaker Rocky Gray Spills It About ’10/31 Part 2′

One of the most talked about indie horror movies of the last year was undoubtedly the 2017 film, 10/31 (read our review of the film here). The horror anthology features several highly sought after filmmakers from today’s indie circuit. One of these is Director Rocky Gray (read our previous interview with …

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‘The Obliteration of the Chickens’ (2019) Short Review

The Obliteration of the Chickens

One of the things I love most about filmmaker Izzy Lee is that although I can always recognize her style, everything she does is unique and different from her previous project. This couldn’t be truer with her newest short, The Obliteration of the Chickens. This intriguing perspective of life as …

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Women in Horror Month Editorial: Professionalism

I recently heard a male filmmaker boast about how he does not view himself as a professional, that there is little room for it in creative fields, and further claimed it to be a detriment to the creative process. He went on to say that since filmmaking comes from a …

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