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Book Review: ‘The Midwives’ By Duncan Ralston

I was first introduced to our dear author, Duncan Ralston, when his extreme novella, Woom, was beginning to go viral. That story was my first step back into the horror genre (and my first-ever extreme horror read), after a very long sojourn into Psychological Thrillers. Now, I can say that …

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Grindhouse Press Announces Release Date for TRUE CRIME by Samantha Kolesnik


TRUE CRIME, the disturbing debut novel by Samantha Kolesnik, is forthcoming from Grindhouse Press on January 15th, 2020! Samantha Kolesnik is one of the most talented and genuine people in the horror business and I’m ecstatic about this news. To have your first novel debut happen through a well-respected publisher …

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PopHorror’s Top 10 Disturbing Documentaries

Featuring shady dealings, brutal maulings, and haunting mysteries, the subjects of documentaries can be far more disturbing than anything that can be found in a horror film. These ten documentaries are based on true events, and will haunt you after the credits have ended. 1. The Imposter On June 13, …

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Top 10 Most Disturbing Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix is full of incredible horror films of every different category. Today, we are going to look at a category of immense power to evoke horror – the documentary. The following ten documentaries explore the dark and disturbing sides of humanity. And they’re all real. 1. The Traffickers In this …

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Gerald’s Game (2017) – To Cuff Or Not To Cuff?

gerald's game

It is the year of the King and it just keeps getting better! Directed by Mike Flanagan with a screenplay by Jeff Howard, Gerald’s Game is the latest adaptation of one of Stephen King’s novels. Gerald, played by Bruce Greenwood, takes his wife, Jessie (Carla Gugino), to a secluded cabin so …

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European Release Date Set for ‘Inside’ Remake

The upcoming remake of the brutal French film Inside has been given a release date for Europe. It will also be screening at the London FrightFest, according to Bloody Disgusting, and then hitting video on demand outlets in Europe on October 7th. Here is the synopsis of the remake: Pregnant and …

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