Ghosts Of Monday

Available Now on Digital, Blu-Ray, and DVD: ‘THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY’ (2022)

Available Now on Digital, Blu-Ray, and DVD from Cleopatra Entertainment and director Francesco Cinquemani (Beyond the Edge): The Ghosts of Monday. The film stars Julian Sands (Warlock), Mark Huberman (A Dark Song), and Elva Trill (Jurassic World: Dominion).

Ghosts of Monday

The Ghosts of Monday Synopsis

Mark Huberman (Vikings Valhalla) stars as a television director who becomes embroiled in a supernatural conspiracy after traveling to Cyprus to make a TV pilot about a haunted hotel. Julian Sands (Warlock), Marianna Rosset (Survive or Sacrifice), Elva Trill (Jurassic World: Dominion) and Anthony Skordi (Onassis) also appear in the frightening profusion of suspense and scares.

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