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Wade In The Water (2019): Moral Ambiguity and Subtlety Movie Review

Wade in the Water

Admittedly, I first leaped at the opportunity to review Wade in the Water for an obvious reason: It has my first name in the title! Fortunately, I enjoyed watching it beyond the novelty of that coincidence. In fact, it’s a fairly memorable film, and possibly worth owning. Why? Mark Wilson’s Wade …

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‘Wade In The Water’ Hits Dances With Films Festival

Wade In The Water, a new, suspenseful drama directed by Mark Wilson (The Painted Warrior 2019) is coming to the prestigious Dances With Films Festival 2019 in Hollywood. The film stars Tom E. Nicholson (Swing State 2017), Danika Golombek (7 Witches 2017 – read our review here), Samuel Whitehill (Somerset …

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‘7 Witches’ Hits DVD/VOD and 30+ City Theatrical Release

Indican Pictures announces the DVD/VOD and 30+ city theatrical release of their latest horror film, 7 Witches. Here’s the synopsis: “As their big day approaches, Cate and Cody should be celebrating. They’ve got their family with them and they’ve rented an island for the big day. But, unbeknownst to them, …

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7 Witches (2017) Review: A Horror-ific Wedding

Ever go to a wedding that you didn’t want to go to? In 7 Witches, Kate (Persephone Apostolou: Swallow) had no choice but attend her sister’s wedding on the old military base Fort Gunderson. The wedding, however, does not go as planned, as her new in-laws have a few secrets that are …

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7 Witches (2017) Trailer Review

Looking for a film to take you back to last year’s The Witch? Then look no further than Brady Hall’s 7 Witches. 7 Witches tells the story of two different families coming together for the wedding of their daughters. The Sklars are extremely different then the Boyle family; there is something mysterious …

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