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Birthing Horror ‘Cynthia’ Coming Soon To DVD and Digital!


Cynthia is a horror comedy from the deranged mind of Girls and Corpses magazine creator Robert Rhine. The film tells the story of a desperate mother who gives birth to the most hideous child ever imagined. Yes, even uglier than that kid your friend keeps posting about on Facebook. This movie …

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New Horror Movies for September 2018

September marks the end of summer, the beginning of fall, and the start of school. But readers of this site will know September is the unofficial kick off for horror movie season. Some people might think that begins in October, but they don’t read a site like PopHorror. When the leaves …

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New Horror Movies for August 2018

Check out all of the new horror movies coming out in August! August 3rd Blood Clots (VOD) It was difficult to find much information on this 112-minute horror anthology, but it is currently available on Amazon. Because I have a short attention span and enjoy low budget, cannibal, zombie, monster flicks… …

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