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The ‘V/H/S’ Franchise: An Ode to Found Footage


Growing up as an 80s baby, I had heavy console televisions equipped with burnt-out picture tubes, usually with a smaller television stacked on top. It was a classy joint! I loved watching any movie really, but I was always drawn to the world of horror features and shows. What Was …

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ARROW Unveils October, 2022 SVOD Streaming Lineup

Arrow Video was kind enough to send us their October 2022 lineup for their subscription-based ARROW streaming platform. Subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland can stream their content now! Read on for the details, but first, check out the trailer for TWO WITCHES! From The ARROW Press …

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Midsummer Scream 2019: What You Need to Know

Midsummer Scream

MIDSUMMER SCREAM RETURNS AUGUST 3-4 TO LONG BEACH FOR FOURTH YEAR AND BIGGEST EVENT YET! The world’s largest Halloween and horror fan convention will take over Long Beach Convention Center for a weekend of thrills and chills, featuring hundreds of vendors, world-class presentations, haunted attractions, live entertainment, and more! From …

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Exciting News! ‘Creep 3’ In The Works, And May Start Shooting Sooner Than Expected

Finally! The news I’ve been waiting for since the moment Creep 2 ended. We just found out that Creep 3 is tentatively slated to start shooting later this year! Patrick Brice’s Creep (2015 – read our review here) and Creep 2 (2017 – read our review here) have been smash …

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‘Creep’ Director’s ‘Corporate Animals’ Set To Release This Summer

Nothing is scarier than the corporate world. Creep and Creep 2 director Patrick Brice is capitalizing on that fear with his new horror comedy, Corporate Animals. After a premiere at Sundance, it was picked up Screen Media. They’re handling North American distribution rights and plan on releasing it this summer. …

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‘Creep 2’ (2017) Still Creeping It Real Review

creep 2

Back in 2014, horror lovers were given an unexpected gem with the found footage horror film Creep. It’s probably one of the most oddly fantastic films of that year. I really thought it was going to be a one-and-done type of story, so imagine my surprise when Mark Duplass announced …

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Creep 2 Casting News

A few weeks back, we reported that a sequel to 2015’s indie horror chiller Creep is in the works; we also reported that star/co-writer/co-director Mark Duplass told Collider Creep will eventually be a trilogy. Now, we have casting news to announce: Desiree Akhavan has signed on to star in Creep …

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Mark Duplass Confirms: Part 2 of Creep Trilogy in the Works

The scrappy found footage film Creep was an unlikely smash back in 2014 and 2015. The films only has 2 cast members, is 99% dialog driven, and doesn’t show a drop of blood. Still, Creep had the ability to worm under the skin of its viewers, where it would fester …

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5 Underseen Found Footage Films

Horror fans have been treated to a plethora of found footage over the last seventeen years (thanks again, Blair Witch), and while there have been more low points than I care to remember, there have  certainly been more than a few highlights as well. Films such as The Last Exorcism, …

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Review – Creep (2015)

Love them or hate them, found footage films are now a dime a dozen. It makes sense when you consider how far a small budget can stretch, with many filmmakers utilizing cheap handheld cameras and inexperienced actors. While I never expect high quality from found footage, I just want more …

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